Have Book will Travel. . . . Becoming a Marketer

My historical-literary novel, Raising the Blackbirds will be “on the shelves” before June 1, 2016. I am working with Mill City Press (Hillcrest Media Group), a self-publishing company. We are now in the final editing phase, and will soon move to layout and final review and approval of the “galleys” (now a purely metaphorical term).

As my manuscript slowly makes it way toward publication, I’m facing the challenge of finding the book’s readership. As a self-published author, I know that the burden and (perhaps) excitement of marketing will fall primarily to me. I’ve read enough on the subject to understand that I need a “platform”; a group of folks who are already aware that, in my “retirement”, I’ve become a writer and that I have completed a manuscript and have novel in process; hopefully, a group of potential readers who will like what they find in the book and help to spread the word.

I’ve done some of this work by becoming a freelance writer for The Californian, the local Salinas newspaper. I’ve had about ten stories published over the past six months. I’ve posted these on my Facebook page. I’m happy to say, I’ve gotten some positive and even enthusiastic feedback from friends and acquaintances. I intend to post all of my stories on this site in the coming days and weeks.

Oh yeah, as soon as I learn how! As some of you may know, this site is developed using the WordPress Website Platform. WordPress is a great tool, but it takes some real time and commitment to learn to use its many features. Among the marketing skills I must learn is WordPress administration (creative manipulation of these tools).

I’ll let you know how I’m doing. Actually, as this site develops, how I’m doing should be obvious.