Publishing–Even Self-Publishing–Is A Slow And Meticulous Process….

Visions and Revisions

Whether you’re looking for a publisher or are self-publishing, think in terms of years not months to see your book on the shelves.

In mid-August, I submitted my final revisions of Raising the Blackbirds to my publisher, Hillcrest Media Group. By mid-September, Hillcrest’s staff will send me the final edited manuscript. As soon as I approve this final version, a new two-month window will open during which time we’ll “go to press”. Alleluia!

These first copies, however, will be available for marketing purposes only. Once the book is in physical form, the publisher and I will spend another two months distributing it. We’ll put it out to a variety of channels such as reviewers, media outlets, websites for newly published literature, etc. We’ll work at generating some buzz through press releases, interviews, and articles.

Once we complete the initial marketing phase, Hillcrest will publish the book and make it available in stores and on-line.  In all, we are told, we have another four-plus months (after September 15, 2016) before the book will be available for purchase. Conservatively, we’re looking at January or February.

Hillcrest staff have been great to work with, but this is my first foray into book publishing. Frankly, I had no idea it would take as long as it has. Despite it all, I am excited about the progress we have made and about sharing Sixto’s story with all of you!

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